Once upon a time, teaching was fun, learning was fun, and people could do the things they were taught to do. And...did I mention it was fun?

Somehow, somewhere, something got lost in education, and it became unfun.

Yes, "unfun" is an actual word (well, at least in the urban dictionary), but don't try using it in Scrabble.

If that doesn't sound like the haughty words and perfected grammar the Dean of a University would use, that's because I find it unfun.

Welcome to the TTR University Blog!

This is where my staff and I will regularly post things such as tips and tricks, humor, behind the scenes looks at what it takes to create courses, and maybe something that will make you stop, think, and awaken a few brain cells that have been slacking off in your head.

Despite the fun and humor, we are a group of real people, passionate about making professional online education something to look forward to, rather than something akin to ripping a band-aid off your cut and pouring lemon juice on it (which I've been told by some is better than the courses they were forced to suffer through).

Enjoy the blog, interact with the staff (we love people and comments), have a chuckle, and hopefully learn something new.

Please stand by...

My overly-excited sales director was reminding me to mention our excellent, superb, first-rate, first-class, outstanding, remarkable, marvelous, magnificent, wonderful, splendid, noteworthy, impressive, exquisite, exceptional and glorious online courses.

So, without the all the synonyms (and to keep my overly-excited sales director happy), please check out all the course offerings at TTR University, and thanks for stopping by.

My Best,

Kevin Seidule
Dean - TTR University