What are manners?

If you look up it in a dictionary, you’ll find something like the following:

MANNERS, “The prevailing customs, ways of living, and habits of a people, class, period, etc.; mores.”

Well, that's not very helpful.

In business, unless you understand what manners really are, you’ll never achieve what everyone wants – a workplace of happy, productive people, who work well together, and support each other’s common goals.

Lack of proper definitions, gray areas, no purpose defined for manners, no real understanding of what they are; for all these and many other reasons, manners have become something based on opinion with no definitive guide on what would be good manners, what would be bad manners, and if manners are needed at all.

That's we we created the Manners in Business course.

In this course, we discover what manners are, what problems you’ll encounter, how to evolve them, how they are used to smooth over personal and social interactions, how they can help you achieve respect among your peers, and how manners can be used to form a great business culture.

Pretty neat, right?

Check back in soon for a sneak peek from the curriculum!