The difference between words, even though they may sound alike and look alike, is huge. Some words are actually pronounced exactly the same but have completely different meanings. Others have close sounds, close enough to cause some to use them incorrectly. Others look and sound different but also get confusing. This lecture will help you distinguish between some of the more common words that sound alike and look alike.

We cover sound alike and look alike words in our Grammar Basics course. Here's a sneak peak:

Accept: (verb) to receive or agree.

He accepted their praise graciously.

Except: (preposition: linking word) all but, other than.

Everyone stayed late except Darla.

There: a location.

My bike is over there.

They’re: a contraction for “they are.”

They’re coming over soon.

Advice: (noun) guidance.

I hope my advice was helpful.

Advise: (verb) to offer suggestions about the best course of action for someone. It’s a doingness.

I advised her to take some extra credit classes.

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