What is Excel?


Spreadsheet: an electronic document in which data is arranged in the rows and columns of a grid and can be manipulated and used in calculations.

Cell: an intersection between a row and a column on a spreadsheet.

Excel is a spreadsheet program.

The word "spreadsheet" comes from "spread" and “sheet”, a sheet that covers two pages across the center fold using the two pages as one large one.

Spreadsheets had columns at the top for categories, and entries down the left margin, with the amounts in the cells where the row and column intersects.

When computers arrived on the scene, the electronic spreadsheet was born.

Excel refers to a single spreadsheet as a worksheet, and allows multiple worksheets in a single file, referred to as a Workbook.

Excel is used to store, organize, and manipulate data. The data is entered into cells, and organized into columns and rows. Data is represented as text, dates and numbers.

Cells can also contain formulas to perform calculations. This formula adds the value from this cell, to the value in this cell, and places the result in this cell.

Excel can also total columns and rows of data, find values, perform averages, identify trends, and build visual charts.

Excel is used for sales, payroll, income and expenses, production statistics, time cards, budgets, billing statements, loan calculations, invoices, inventory, taxes, and much more. The creation of these and hundreds of other templates are included within Excel.

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